Terms and Conditions

Service Area

TankSwappers services a geographical area restricted to the service area maps. Please be aware that if you place an order outside of that service area, your order may be refused and a refund issued.

Returns and Refunds

Tankswappers, INC. (The Company) will honor all returns and refund the full purchase amount in the event of:

  1. Timely delivery failure. This is defined as product not delivered within the promised time frame.
  2. Product failure to perform as advertised. This is defined as tanks not operating correctly or propane not filled to promised specifications as defined on this website.
  3. Cancellation of order 24-hours prior to delivery by written e-mail.


Warranties and Customer Responsibilities

The Company warrants tanks to be free of defect in both operation and product filled. The normal and safe operation of tanks is the sole responsibility of the customer, including hookup, customer-site storage, and disconnection of the tank from it's intended appliance. If a tank is damaged or product lost due to customer-operator error, no warranty will be enforce.


Ownership of The Company

You agree that The Companies cylinders are the property of The Company and must be returned in serviceable condition upon termination of use. 

You agree that The Companies cylinders are to be serviced only by The Companies technicians. 

Release From Liability and Harm

You agree that The Company will not be held liable for any damages to person or property due to the use of product when such damage is not found to be caused by a defect in tank or the propane mixture used to fill the same.

You agree that The Companies service technicians have permission to enter your property for the express and only purpose of servicing the order.

Change of Terms and Conditions

The Company has the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.  By using the online cart and check out you agree to the Terms and Conditions at that time or in future.  Please check them regularly for any changes.